Nanofiber Separations, LLC wins 1st Place in 2014 Governor’s Giant Vision Business Competition


Nanofiber Separations LLC CEO Craig Arnold is awarded $20,000 by Governor Daugaard and David Owen, President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce.

Nanofiber Separations, LLC wins 1st Place in 2014 Governor’s Giant Vision Business Competition

Sioux Falls, SD – As host of the Governor’s Giant Vision Business Awards Program, South Dakota Chamber of Commerce & Industry President David Owen announced the top winner of the 2014 business competitions during the GOED Conference banquet in Sioux Falls.

After a preliminary judging process that reduced the field of applicants to 10 qualifying business, the competition concluded with day-long judging activities Tuesday, April 15 in Sioux Falls.  The awards were presented as part of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) banquet with Governor Dennis Daugaard presenting the top prizes in the competition.

The first place $20,000 winner was Nanofiber Separations, Craig Arnold and Dr. Todd Menkhaus, Rapid City

Dr. Todd J. Menkhaus and Dr. Hao Fong co-founded Nanofiber Separations on the South Dakota School of Mines Campus in 2011.  Dr. Menkhaus leads the development of separations analysis and characterization. Dr. Hao is a world expert in nanofiber electrospinning and leads the company’s nanofibers research and production.  Craig Arnold joined the company as CEO in 2014.  Mr. Arnold leads the company’s business strategy and commercialization efforts.

Nanofiber Separations produces cutting-edge separation media composed of functionalized nanofibers capable of both size-based as well as adsorptive separation mechanisms.   The highly advanced nanofibers provide the opportunity to greatly enhance process efficiencies and economics in the biopharmaceutical, water treatment, desalination, blood products, and air purification industries.

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